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    "Theater-Style" for Cisco, in New Orleans.
    "Theater-Style" for Endicia in Chicago.
    360 Magic in VR, Scott Tokar Tradeshow Magician at World of Concrete.
    DuPont FFA, Louisville
    "Theater-Style" for Cisco, in Orlando.
    Mixed "Aisle/Theater" for EMC in Las Vegas.
    FEATURED - "Punked in the datacenter" Viral Video
      FEATURED - Corporate-Fx Promotional Ad Reel
      FEATURED - Side-Fx DVD, The Magic ENT Exam
        "Side-Fx" Healthcare Seminar, Jacksonville
        "Magical Meeting Moderation" in Newport Beach
        "International" SanDisk, Taipei
        "Custom Illusion" for Isilon in Las Vegas.
        "9-way sawing" SanDisk, CES - Las Vegas
        "Customer-made video" Demco, Las Vegas
        "Aisle-View" Sun Microsystems, Austin
        "International" for SanDisk in Germany
        "Aisle-View" Tradeshow Magic for EMC

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