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By: Scott Tokar, Corporate-Fx Magician and Founder

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55,000 Louisville convention attendees, most under 18 years old, but is magic relevant?

The 87th annual National FFA (Future Farmers of America) convention in Louisville can be a tough room to play… Think about it, today’s youth are more sophisticated, opinionated, and connected then ever before. Advertisers on Madison Avenue are constantly honing their message to the latest trends, styles, and tastes of this coveted demographic. As always it is America’s youth that sets trends…

trade show magic for DuPont at the FFA convention by Scott Tokar
PHOTO - DuPont Magic at the FFA convention in Louisville, KY

So, the question then is: Is magic “cool” enough for your 30-something tech execs at a computer tradeshow? Without a doubt, YES! Just take a look at magic and magicians in today’s pop culture: 2014 America’s Got Talent 1st place winner is a magician, and last year a magician was in the top 5, there are numerous magic TV shows currently on the air such as  the Carbanaro Effect on truTV, Wizard Wars on Syfy, Worlds Greatest Magic in syndication plus all of the reruns staring Chris Angel that play just about every week. And, the Hit Broadway show “The Illusionists” is receiving rave reviews weekly in the NY Times. Magic is still “hip” and “relevant” even though the art is thousands of years old.

tradeshow magic is timeless.
PHOTO - Hieronymus Bosch: The Conjurer, 1475-1480.

Why? Because EVERYBODY loves magic. Magic is timeless, it transcends languages and cultural barriers. It can be enjoyed by a small child and the most respected scholars.

Now what about trade shows?

Corporate-Fx custom tailors not just the story and sales message, but the style of the magic performance to seamlessly fit-in with YOUR target audience as well. This is why you can find medical doctors at the PriMed convention AND high school students at the FFA both enjoying tradeshow magic.

In the end, here is what DuPont had to say about tradeshow magic at the FFA; “It’s really about putting the brand in-front of them, having an experience that they will remember so when they go home they will talk about the magician that they saw at the DuPont booth, and for us that is a successful show". - Kristin Irvine, DuPont Global Branding and Communications.


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