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By: Scott Tokar, Corporate-Fx Magician and Founder

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Now a "team" of seventeen! Corporate-Fx is still growing!

The vetted tradeshow magicians of Corporate-Fx reflect the statistics of the convention marketplace today.

Tradeshows, in general, are growing in 2018. More floor space, increasing numbers of exhibitors and higher attendance across a larger number of successful tradeshows is the trend.
According to, 29% of companies budgeted an increase in tradeshow spending last year... And if early bookings are any indication of growth in 2018, we are headed for another record-breaking year again.


Just as Tradeshows are growing, so is the Corporate-Fx Tradeshow Magic Team...

Corporate-Fx is now 17 magicians strong, and growing! When the Corporate-Fx CEO, Scott Tokar first introduced the tradeshow magic "team" concept in 1992 his goal was to provide CONSISTENCY in not only the magic performance quality, but in the MESSAGING and professionalism as well.

Back in the 1990's exhibitors struggled with the ability to find trained, professional tradeshow magicians. The main issue is that just about every local magician loves to claim that they are "tradeshow magicians" as well, and that they are "experienced" in the corporate exhibitor environment (even if they are not).

Truth-be-told, there is a HUGE difference between a "birthday party" magician and a "tradeshow magician", and back when we started there was no way of vetting the amateur from the full-time professional for an exhibit manager, they just had to trust their gut and hope not to be "fooled" by the clever marketing of every magician on the web.

By putting his reputation on-the-line, Scott Tokar took the risk that no one else was willing to do; he guaranteed that all of the magicians that were added to the Corporate-Fx banner-head would maintain the same high-quality standards, and represent each client with the class and professionalism that Fortune 500 companies expected from other marketing firms.

The tradeshow magicians at Corporate-Fx dress the part, speak on-script, present with authority, and represent the exhibitors with such skill that the magicians are commonly mistaken as a full-time sales staffers from the exhibiting companies themselves.

Fast forward to 2018... Corporate-Fx is growing, and we still strive to deliver the same high-quality vetted tradeshow magicians that lead to our growth up to this point... YOU, the exhibitor can still confidently trust in the consistency that only our tradeshow magic team can deliver...

So, now we are at 17 magicians, and we are looking for our 18th, but we will not add the next magician member until we can guarantee the same quality and professionalism that has gotten us here, to this point of success so far...

Oh, and please remember to welcome our NEWEST members to the Corporate-Fx team:

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