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How I read it, EXHIBITOR Magazine's 2016 Economic Outlook Survey.

FACT: 83% of companies plan to maintain, and/or increase their tradeshow exhibit’s promotional activities this year (…

There is no denying it, the US economy has been strengthening these past few years and the corporate meeting and tradeshow markets clearly reflect this. According to Kiplinger, the US GDP for 2016 will increase by 2.3%, and consumer spending will be the main engine for this growth (

So, what does this mean to YOU, the tradeshow exhibitor in 2016? As the economy continues to grow, and other companies continue to increase their tradeshow marketing dollar to attract new sales, what will YOUR company do?

Did you know that 35% of the exhibitor’s budget is spent on booth space alone, with an additional 13% being spent on “show services”? This means that 48% of your tradeshow budget is spent on just physically being there on the tradeshow floor… But if everyone is spending the same percentage of the budget on “being there” what is the most cost effective way to stand-out and differentiate yourself from your competition in the marketplace?

Did you know that exhibit promotions make up only 6% of a company’s total spend on a tradeshow floor?  According to the EXHIBITOR Magazine 2016 Economic Outlook Survey, 19% of the respondents have figured out that an increased spend in exhibit promotion may be the answer…

And the clincher in all these numbers, 13% of the respondents are looking forward to an increased tradeshow budget this year! So, it looks to us like the world of tradeshow exhibiting is in for another GREAT year!

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